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48 112 d 5 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Introduced a new environment variable DOCKERBUILDTAG to allow the of a docker host as a productive and a development system in parallel.  
42 288 d 5 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Increased the environment variable DEPENDENCYDELAY because now this variable is used to determine a random value between 1 and DEPENDENCYDELAY to prevent too much dependency checks at the same time.  
40 295 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Added the environment variables DEPENDENCYCHECK and DEPENDENCYDELAY. Currently these variables are not used by the image.  
39 302 d 3 h dirk /trunk/app/ Added the variable DEVICE to the configuration file of the app. Added the environment variable FETCHMAILINTERVAL to set the delay in seconds for fetching mails.  
30 623 d 14 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Added the support of multiarch images.  
23 673 d 23 h dirk /trunk/app/init/ When parsing the options of the command line detects an error, now the name of the running image is shown in the error message.  
21 678 d 11 h dirk /trunk/app/init/ Optimized the parsing of options given on the commandline.  
15 756 d 22 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Added the variables CONTAINERNAME and SERVICENAME to the config file. Moreover reorderd the variables in the config file.  
13 764 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Introduced the variables IMAGETAG for setting the tag used by startup of a container to a specific value and ENTRYPOINT for overiding the start script defined in the Dockerfile.

The build script app/build/installimage now exits with an error code != 0 in case of serious error conditions. So the make process is interrupted which makes the detection of errors more easier.
11 766 d 14 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Redesigned the Makefile
The Makefile is now splitted into 3 parts. The Makefile itself is now static and should not be modified in any way. Instead Modifications should be made in the files app/build/Makefile.appvariables (definition of variables) and app/build/Makefile/apptargets (definition of new build targets).
The Makefile has now only the standard targets to BUILD the image, to PUSH the image, to create a RELEASE and to create the necessary directory LINKS. All other targets are removed. Especially the creation of images with the tag "testing" and the tag (YYYYMMDD) are removed. Now every image is created with just the tag "latest". When releasing the image a new tag with the date of the build is created on the fly to push this image to the Docker Hub. After pushing the image, this tag is removed. This way, we have to handle only images with the tag "latest" on the Docker host. This makes things much easier.

Redesigned the App's configuration file
The configuration file app/build/conf/app.conf now contains only the definition of variables. This config is used by the scripts drun, denter or dstop to build the necessary command options on the fly. Moreover the config file is now used to create a YAML output, that can be used by docker-compose. This way it is guaranteed now, that starting a container by drun or docker-compose will always have the same result.
The scripts dconf, dpull and drun are adapted to the new format of the configuration file. The scripts dyaml (output the configuration as YAML), mkcompose (build docker-compose.yml file by reading a containertab) and dcomp (start/stop/restart the containers on a docker host via docker-compose) are created for easy management of the docker-compose.yml file.
The developer scripts checkdeps, denv, dmake and dnew are adapted to the new format. The skeleton of dnew now reflects the new Makefile structure. The script dtest is no longer needed - so it is removed.
10 792 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Removed the creation of private and shared directories because this must be done during startup of the container. Furthermore renamed 'make dirs' to 'make linkes'.  
9 795 d 1 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Standardized the build date to in the Makefile and corrected an error with the naming of NETWORKALIAS (formerly NETWORK_ALIAS). Added a new environment variable $DOCKERNETWORK for the "docker run"-argument --network  
8 828 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/ The backup routine no longer copies its loggging output directly into the shared filesystem of batCHeck. Instead this routine write the logging output to stdout and stderr. The calling process must redirect this output to batCHeck (if wanted).  
7 837 d 2 h dirk /trunk/app/sbin/ There was an error in the script dovecotbackup: Not all commands are redirected to the logfile, so the analyzing of the log was faulty.  
6 864 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/sbin/ Added silent option to the call of fetchmail to reduce logging output.  
5 871 d 4 h dirk /trunk/app/init/ Corrected an error with the --backup option. Furthermore made the options --init, --backup and --changepw mutually exclusive.  
4 876 d 23 h dirk /trunk/app/ Added the possibilty to change the password of a user.  
3 876 d 23 h dirk /trunk/app/sbin/ Changed detection of mailbox users to "dovecot user '*".  
2 880 d 0 h dirk /trunk/ Inital import.  
1 880 d 0 h root / Repository wurde durch pi erzeugt.