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29 112 d 4 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Introduced a new environment variable DOCKERBUILDTAG to allow the of a docker host as a productive and a development system in parallel.  
27 142 d 0 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ The integration of webserver's certificate is now more flexible, You've to assign the fullchained certificate to the file /certstore/fullchain.pem and the private key tp /certstore/privkey.pem. For assignment you have to use the --volume option of the docker run command.  
19 288 d 3 h dirk /trunk/app/ Optimized the checking for a running reverse proxy by moving the check from the start script (/app/init/start) to the global proxy script (/app/sbin/proxy provided by the proxy image). The optimization avoids a too large load while the startup of many containers at the same time.  
17 295 d 14 h dirk /trunk/app/ Added the global environment variables DEPENDENCYCHECK and DEPENDENCYDELAY. These variables are used to check the availability of needed containers. Furthermore the checking can be disabled on the commandline with the option -N/--no-dependencycheck.  
16 299 d 15 h dirk /trunk/app/init/ Added an additional check to ensure the name of the database server is set.  
15 300 d 1 h dirk /trunk/app/ On startup of the container it will be waited for availability of the reverse proxy and the database server.  
14 302 d 2 h dirk /trunk/app/ Added the variable DEVICE to the configuration file of the app. Added the environment variable FEEDRELOAD to set the delay in seconds for fetching mails.  
11 315 d 5 h dirk /trunk/app/ etcd is no longer used for registering or unregistering a reverse proxy configuration. The proxy now listens on port 13207 for incoming requests.  
6 449 d 8 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Updated to version 1.15.0 of FreshRSS. Added the dependancy to mariadb in the config file of the container.  
2 464 d 14 h dirk /trunk/ Initial import.  
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