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101 46 d 19 h dirk /tags/20210113/ Tag for image version 20210113.  
97 119 d 5 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Added time stamp to bash history by setting the environment variable HISTTIMEFORMAT (see also Linux Magazin 12/2020).  
94 148 d 9 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Introduced a new environment variable DOCKERBUILDTAG to allow the of a docker host as a productive and a development system in parallel.  
91 183 d 18 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Added the extension of the file /etc/hosts with some host aliases  
89 189 d 14 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Corrected a syntax error in the script /etc/profile.d/ Furthermore added the tool tuptime for a better control of system uptime (taken from Linux Magazin 09/2020).  
79 324 d 9 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Increased the environment variable DEPENDENCYDELAY because now this variable is used to determine a random value between 1 and DEPENDENCYDELAY to prevent too much dependency checks at the same time.  
77 331 d 20 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Added the environment variables DEPENDENCYCHECK and DEPENDENCYDELAY. Currently these variables are not used by the image.  
76 338 d 8 h dirk /trunk/app/build/conf/ Added the variable DEVICE to the configuration file of the app.  
74 351 d 10 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ etcd is no longer used for registering or unregistering a reverse proxy configuration. The proxy now listens on port 13207 for incoming requests. As a consequence the users etcc and etcd are no longer needed and removed.  
70 427 d 9 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Adapted several scripts to Raspbian Buster (Raspbian 10). Addionally it is now ensured, that the installation script is only called in the context of the user root.  
65 556 d 10 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Added the installation of VirtualBox in the Debian environment.  
61 657 d 6 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/debian/ The user scheerdock was added to the sudo, to become the user root more easily.  
59 658 d 12 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Added additonal package 'python-backports.ssl-match-hostname' to the Debian platform. This is needed for running docker-compose. Added a workaround to make docker-compose accessable for all users (Debian and RaspBerry).  
57 659 d 8 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/debian/ Removed heirloom-mailx from the Debian script, because it is no longer supported. Instead s-nail is used.  
56 659 d 19 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Added the support of multiarch images.  
55 659 d 19 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Adapted the scripts for Debian. Corrected some small errors in the scripts for the Raspberry installation.  
52 703 d 5 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/raspberry/ Corrected the access rights of the file /etc/screen.user.rc  
50 703 d 19 h dirk /trunk/app/build/ Corrected the dependency to the debian image in the file app/build/Makefile.appvariables.  
48 704 d 9 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Changed the default name of the logfile to reflect the name of the operating system.  
47 704 d 9 h dirk /trunk/app/scripts/ Added the ability to manage several operating systems (not just raspbian). This makes it necessary to rename the image from 'pifi' to 'osfi' ;-)  

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